Sea-side editorial

Manuel Sousa, (editorial) 2010

My favourite from an editorial in this month’s Parq Magazine (issue 21). Specially as we were almost arrested doing it 🙂 (we were using a beachside bar but someone forgot to request the maritime authority’s license for the shoot…) In this photo in particular, while a few meters away (just outside the frame) Ana was very nicely trying to dissuade the police from taking in all the equipment and confiscating the camera (which thankfully she did manage to do), we were inconspicuously setting ourselves and discreetly doing the photo… many thanks as well to the officers who were understanding of the mistake and didn’t even write us a ticket (although we did have to go find some other place where to finish).

Photo Manuel Sousa
Styling Ana Canadas
Make up Lola Pérez
Models Jessica Rodrigues (L’Agence Lisbon) e Ruben (Best Models Lisbon)
Bar Casa da Praia, Costa da Caparica Beach 19

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